Pixelmon Dark has updated to 1.6! Here are the patch notes. Server will be updating as soon as it is released.

We also now have our own modpack! I strongly recommend everyone use this one as our server's version may not always be the same as the official pack's. It includes optimization (BetterFPS, Optifine, foamfix), custom menu, and JEI (for showing crafting recipes in-game).

menu image

You can get it here:

Or search Pixity into your modpack search bar in the Technic Launcher.

martian11 can you also send a non technic download

Update celebration

DiamondArrow posted Aug 14, 17

Some of these Pokemon models are amazing! We'd like to share the amazing work that the devs at Pixelmon Dark has done so there will be random pokemon hunts or giveaways of either a new or remodelled pokemon throughout the next few days! Starting with the first Arceus tomorrow ;)

On top of that, for the next week, all ranks will be 50% off. Buying or upgrading to Guardian or God rank will also come with a free Arceus!

The server has updated to Pixelmon Dark!

This new Pixelmon pack includes 59 new Pokemon and some new models of old! You can check out the full changelog/updates as well as download it in the link below.

Now to get on the server you'll need to download the Official Pixelmon Dark modpack here

There will be more updates in the coming days including GTS, completely new crates, and a lottery! Remember to keep up with the latest events/announcements on our Discord 

coolAugust's top 5 voters will receive 2x keys to the champion crate!cool

winkAdditionally, top 3 voters will receive a $20 voucher!wink

Presenting last month's results(and click here for last month's reward list):


/kit downtime will be availible for 1 day to compensate!

Sorry, server machine froze, unsure why at the moment.

I'm trying to get it up as soon as possible, the host needs to physically power the machine down.


Stuffs happening:

/kit anniversary for a CHAMPION KEY and other fun stuff! :)

Vote keys every hour for every online player!

Random Drop Parties! (We will announce them on Discord)

Scavenger Hunt (more info will be released later)

Minigames (wipeout, button hunt, announcement will be made on Discord)

Anniversary Tournmaent! (more info + signup here)

Another Server move

DiamondArrow posted Jul 18, 17

Sorry for the lag and inconvenience through the weekend! The new machine isn't working as great as I had hoped, so we'll be moving again today at 10pm PST. Once again I'll be updating this post

Update: Server files transfer in progress! Progress made right now will not be saved as the world is being transferred. Progress will resume saving once we have moved to the new machine. ETA: 10pm PST

Final Update: As of editing this. Server is now up on new machine! Nothing should've changed. Once again if you notice anything different, please contact a staff or me directly

Before I start, I want to make sure there's no confusion. There will be no reset of any kind. Everyone goes panic mode everytime something like this happens.

We will be switching to a new server machine tonight at 12:00 midnight PST. The current machine will stay online but any progress made after 12:00 won't trasfer to the new machine. The IP will automatically take you to the new machine once everything's set up.

These things always cause unexpected trouble so I will be updating this post as things happen. I'll also be on Discord during the process


Server moved and ready to go! If you notice anything different or weird, please report it to a staff or me directly!

Yesterday Pixelmon officially anounnced that it will end development due to request from the Pokemon company. 

Official post:

Any questions you may have can be directed to the Pixelmon Discord channel found on the website.

Now what does this mean for Pixity?

Nothing! This only means there will be no new versions of Pixelmon. PIxity will still be here like always :)

coolJune's top 5 voters will receive 2x keys to the champion crate!cool

winkAdditionally, top 3 voters will receive a $20 voucher!wink


Presenting last month's results(and click here for last month's reward list):

1. Mlrandom

2. Venver

3. Gawge

4. Nathans_cookie

5. Redshadowemperor

Congratulations!!! kiss Contact Diamondarrow on discord for your rewards!!

If you made it here, you are almost to the forum post!

There is the link. Post in the comments your teams for the Build off and the Coordinates of the Build site!

Also, Don't post your teams here... Go to the forums post. I will not check here.

Hope you can participate!

-Gummy :D

Server Updates!

AdamMikhailov Owner posted Jun 21, 17

A Couple of Server Changes;

End & Nether Removed- To Reduce Lag

Warp PvP Remade

Natural Regen Turned off - Everyone has access to /heal To allow for pvp to work

Legend Spawns Moved

-Latios now Spawns Taiga

-Latias now Spawns Stone Beach

-Lugia now Spawns Plains

KingKillerC0mbo That very very cool
jnickyd Cool

Tomorrow at 2:00pm EST, 6:00pm GMT, Me and Delta will be hosting a Pokemon Tournament!



All Held Items Except eviolite and quick claw

No Legendaries, Dittos, or Ubers

There is no Banned Moves.

The Sleeping, Species, and Moody clauses are active

Check the Gym for more information if needed on the rules.

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in disqualification (No Exceptions).


1st Place: 5 Champion Crate keys, and 100k

2nd Place: 3 Champion Crate Keys, and 75k

3rd Place: 1 Champion Crate key, and 50k

Hope to see you tomorrow!

-Gummy & Delta

coolJune's top 5 voters will receive 2x keys to the champion crate!cool

winkAdditionally, top 3 voters will receive a $20 voucher!wink

Presenting last month's results(and click here for last month's reward list):

VENVER I really would appreciate to get an answer about last months voting since I won the rewards and like to use the half lef...
MLRandom diamond aroow how can i contect you on dis for the store voucher

coolMay's top 5 voters will receive 2x keys to the champion crate!cool

winkAdditionally, top 3 voters will receive a $20 voucher!wink

Presenting last month's results(and click here for last month's reward list):

VENVER I would like to rank up again, so I first wanted to choose my shiny from my shiny rank but it told me I already got a sh...
vitalbulletYT Wait, Voidpriest and I tied and Venver had 2 more votes than us

Server Update

DiamondArrow posted Apr 30, 17

Server has been updated to Pixelmon 5.0.4!

Brief Notes -

*Egg Hatching Speed no Longer limited to Walking Speed

*Crashing While Evolving Fixed

*Multiple Crashing Errors Fixed

*Bug Fixes


April's Top 5 voters will receive 2x of the new Champion Crate!

Top 3 will receive an additional $20 voucher!

Here are last month's results:

Jacky same
VENVER I would love to rank up for this reward if possible and thank you very much <3 And since I dont know how it works...
AKitsuneGamer I forgot to come on for my rewards last month lol, can i have them please? <3

Pixity has been updated to 5.0.3! With this includes many bug fixes to the game such as boss loots. The random consecutive server crashes also shouldn't be happening anymore. Our Pixpack already has an update for you! Otherwise, you'll need to manually update your Pixelmon jar

More Server updates:

- Legendary spawning increase by a little

- Safari opened (few days ago)

- Pixelmon have 5x spawn rate

Small Server Update

DiamondArrow posted Mar 24, 17

- Player PC boxes doubled! Now players have 32 pc boxes for their Pokemon.

- Server now has Global Trade Station (thanks to developer NickImpact). This will be replacing the Pokemon auction spamming chat. Make sure to check it out! Use /gts help in-game for more information.


DiamondArrow posted Mar 21, 17

Pixity has been updated to Pixelmon 5.0.2! Remember to update your Pixity Pixpack or manually update your Pixelmon mod in order to join our server.

We also now have a NEW GYM PLUGIN, so don't worry if you see your badges missing. Please contact staff or a gym leader to get them back!

Pixelmon 5.0.2 changelog

mobzillaslayer The pixpack wont download for me and my friend. It comes up 'Messagebox.forgedowloadfailed' Help please

Server is running Pixelmon Dark

Get the Technic Pack here