Top Voter - May 2018

By AdamMikhailov Owner - Posted May 1, 18

This Months Top Voters Are -

Dimetrios123- £10 Voucher

linusmaffia - £10 Voucher

Se7enzy - £10 Voucher

Winners of This months Mythical Keys are -

Massimo !

Se7enzy !

Im5 !

Candy_of_Doom !

Cinansnickem !

Do /kit Vote2 to Claim your Keys!

-All Voucher winers will also Receive x2 Legendary keys do /kit vote

Next Months Voting Changes ->

Instead of the top voter (1st place) recieving £10 they will recieve £15 Instead, With the other raffle prizes staying at £10 to give you all incentive to be the best!

Good Luck! And Stay tuned for a Tournament Announcement Coming Soon!


Server is running Pixelmon Dark

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