Top Voter! - REVAMPED

By AdamMikhailov Owner - Posted Apr 1, 18

Top Voter rewards are getting a change ....

Instead of the Top 3 Voters getting a Voucher, only the Top Voter is guarenteed a voucher.

HOWEVER the other two vouchers are still up for grabs! Instead of being given to second and third place, they will be given out in a Raffle !

Each time you vote this is equivilant to 1 ENTRY into the Raffle The more entries the more chance you have of winning!

Instead of Top 5 Voters getting x2 Legendary Key, 5 Mythical Keys Will be up for grabs in the raffle!

The idea of this is to keep people voting, throughout the entire month as what usually happens is towards the end less and less people vote as it becomes clearer who is going to win the top voter prizes, this also increases the amount of winners! instead of the usual 5 winners there will be 8 meaning you have more chance of winning!

*Only one prize can be won per person in the raffle, The vouchers will be given out so you wont get stuck with a mythical key with no chance of winning the voucher

*I'd love to hear any feedback or improvements you have for this system, DM me on discord!


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