I have worked hard in building Pixity to what it is today, and I loved every part. But as we all progress in life, it's my time to retire as Pixity's owner. [You can read the full goodbye post here]

However, this is not the end! Perhaps only the beginning to Pixity's prosperity.

The server has been transferred to the new owner, and former head-admin AdamMikhailov. Being a staff since Pixity's beginning and an admin for over a year, I have too many good things to say about Adam, and trust that Pixity will be in good, or even better hands. 

Note that this transfer should not affect the server's gameplay. Players who don't pay attention to community discussion won't even notice. If any players have any questions, please msg either me (DiamondArrow) or AdamMikhailov.


Server is running Pixelmon Dark

Get the Technic Pack here