By DiamondArrow - Posted Feb 4, 18

Hello! With the new year, Pixity has been preparing a new world.

The server will be going down for maintenance and resetting on Thursday, February 8th Midnight EST. 

Get your all-nighter snacks ready for next weekend


Will anything carry into the new world?

No, nothing will carry over. This is going to be a full wipe. (see below for donated items)

What will happen to donor's purchased items?

Every item purchased item will be given back. If you find anything missing, please contact me DiamondArrow preferably through our Discord.

Will there be any changes?

Haunted Towers will be enabled in the new world! Have fun grinders!

We will be switching to normal vanilla biomes.

Hunger enabled, difficulty normal (May revert back to peaceful depending on community response)

Also look forward to new plugins and features.

Please drop further questions down in the comments below


Server is running Pixelmon Dark

Get the Technic Pack here