Items added:

  • Pokemon Ball Change
  • Random Shiny Pokemon
  • 5x Random Shiny Pokemon
  • 10x Random Pokemon
  • Deoxys Form Bundle
  • Shadow Lugia

Reduced price on:

  • Random Pokemon
  • Legendary Bird Trio
  • Re-activate /shiny
  • Any Starter

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Official Pixity Modpack

DiamondArrow Owner posted 22 hours ago

Pixelmon Dark has updated to 1.6! Here are the patch notes. Server will be updating as soon as it is released.

We also now have our own modpack! I strongly recommend everyone use this one as our server's version may not always be the same as the official pack's. It includes optimization (BetterFPS, Optifine, foamfix), custom menu, and JEI (for showing crafting recipes in-game).

menu image

You can get it here:

Or search Pixity into your modpack search bar in the Technic Launcher.

martian11 can you also send a non technic download

Update celebration

DiamondArrow Owner posted Mon at 1:33

Some of these Pokemon models are amazing! We'd like to share the amazing work that the devs at Pixelmon Dark has done so there will be random pokemon hunts or giveaways of either a new or remodelled pokemon throughout the next few days! Starting with the first Arceus tomorrow ;)

On top of that, for the next week, all ranks will be 50% off. Buying or upgrading to Guardian or God rank will also come with a free Arceus!


Server is running Pixelmon Dark

Get the Technic Pack here