DiamondArrow Owner posted 15 hours ago


Stuffs happening:

/kit anniversary for a CHAMPION KEY and other fun stuff! :)

Vote keys every hour for every online player!

Random Drop Parties! (We will announce them on Discord)

Scavenger Hunt (more info will be released later)

Minigames (wipeout, button hunt, announcement will be made on Discord)

Anniversary Tournmaent! (more info + signup here)

Another Server move

DiamondArrow Owner posted Tue at 0:06

Sorry for the lag and inconvenience through the weekend! The new machine isn't working as great as I had hoped, so we'll be moving again today at 10pm PST. Once again I'll be updating this post

Update: Server files transfer in progress! Progress made right now will not be saved as the world is being transferred. Progress will resume saving once we have moved to the new machine. ETA: 10pm PST

Final Update: As of editing this. Server is now up on new machine! Nothing should've changed. Once again if you notice anything different, please contact a staff or me directly

Moving Server Machine

DiamondArrow Owner posted Sun at 4:57

Before I start, I want to make sure there's no confusion. There will be no reset of any kind. Everyone goes panic mode everytime something like this happens.

We will be switching to a new server machine tonight at 12:00 midnight PST. The current machine will stay online but any progress made after 12:00 won't trasfer to the new machine. The IP will automatically take you to the new machine once everything's set up.

These things always cause unexpected trouble so I will be updating this post as things happen. I'll also be on Discord during the process


Server moved and ready to go! If you notice anything different or weird, please report it to a staff or me directly!

Yesterday Pixelmon officially anounnced that it will end development due to request from the Pokemon company. 

Official post:

Any questions you may have can be directed to the Pixelmon Discord channel found on the website.

Now what does this mean for Pixity?

Nothing! This only means there will be no new versions of Pixelmon. PIxity will still be here like always :)

July Top Voting Rewards + June winners!

Jacky MODerator posted Jul 1, 17

coolJune's top 5 voters will receive 2x keys to the champion crate!cool

winkAdditionally, top 3 voters will receive a $20 voucher!wink


Presenting last month's results(and click here for last month's reward list):

1. Mlrandom

2. Venver

3. Gawge

4. Nathans_cookie

5. Redshadowemperor

Congratulations!!! kiss Contact Diamondarrow on discord for your rewards!!


1. Download Pixelmon Launcher

2. Click on image below

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